Dragon Naturally Speaking version 13 works and Learn

See however Dragon Naturally Speaking Support version thirteen works and find out how you’ll be able to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to urge additional done at work, home, and beyond—just by talking.

The mike

No headset? No worries. Dragon thirteen offers support for several mike choices, including, for the primary time, microphones intrinsical to several of the newest laptops, providing bigger freedom and suppleness. Dragon thirteen mechanically detects that microphones square measure offered to use, therefore you just choose your preference and begin talking.

Dragon naturally speaking support

Creating Your Profile

The entire profile creation method is currently shorter than Dragon twelve thanks to the improved out-of-the-box accuracy in Dragon thirteen. in exactly four easy steps, you’ll originated your Dragon profile to urge started. Reading four minutes of text isn’t any longer needed. Dragon thirteen is already correct right out of the box.

Dragon Bar & Learning Center

Dragon thirteen options a recent, intuitive interface and useful tutorials that create exploitation it easier than ever before. Boost your productivity even any by exploring advanced options with the easy-to-use Learning Center, that displays relevant facilitate at your fingertips.

Dragon Naturally Speaking


With V-day additional out-of-the-box accuracy than Dragon twelve, Dragon thirteen turns persuade text three times quicker than typewriting. Dragon additionally has several options that create dictation quick, like automotive vehicle info words and expressions like dates and times, street addresses, phone numbers and additional.

Edit, Format & Correct Text with Voice Commands

Use several of the voice commands in Dragon thirteen to change your text, edit or replace text, or format text like daring and underline. it is simple to make and edit documents all by voice exploitation Dragon.

Dragon naturally

Improving Accuracy

Dragon thirteen is extremely correct speech recognition software system right out-of-the-box; but, there square measure still ways in which you’ll improve its overall accuracy. for instance, you’ll let Dragon learn from existing text and sent emails permitting it to adapt to your style, add new words to your vocabulary and additional. Explore of these options currently.

Dragon Dragon thirteen currently additionally supports Voice Command and Full Text management in widespread internet applications like Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail in Chrome, Firefox and net individual. for instance, merely tell your pc to “Open net individual,” and from there, use your voice to navigate to Facebook, scroll through your news feed and choose photos and links.

Custom Commands

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking thirteen skilled Custom Commands feature, users will build one voice command for revenant tasks. Save time and build command shortcuts for one action or a series of actions. for instance, after you say “New Client” Dragon skilled will open your existing sales lead management tool, log sure you and build a replacement blank record for you to fill in along with your voice.

Custom Word Lists

Dragon NaturallySpeaking thirteen Premium and skilled Editions allow you to import and export word lists. you’ll import words that aren’t already a part of Dragon’s vocabulary, like business specific terms and acronyms. you’ll additionally export custom words to share with alternative Dragon users.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking thirteen Premium and skilled Editions allow you to dictate on-the-go for later transcription after you synchronize back to your computer. employing a digital voice recorder or the free Dragon Recorder app, you’ll capture it all—even on-the-go. Dragon Professional’s Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) streamlines transcription for businesses by mechanically transcribing audio files found in an exceedingly specific folder.

Dragon thirteen Legal in Action

With Dragon thirteen Legal Edition seamlessly spin document case and shopper info, contracts, briefs and alternative legal materials along with your voice instead of typewriting. This demo outlines key options, as well as correct transcription of dictation with legal word as a results of Dragon Legal’s intrinsical legal language model, examples for info citations additionally as intrinsical and Custom Voice Commands.

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Published by Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support recommends victimization this outstanding code primarily for three functions. In short, use it for voice dictation aimed toward speech-to-text conversion, execute spoken commands, and text-to-speech. It runs on Windows OS. However, another version spoken as Dragon for mackintosh is getable for mackintosh OS.

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