How I tried to figure out which program Dragon Naturally Speaking works best with

I scan the rainbow passage to my laptop to check completely different internet browsers and to work out however correct Dragon Naturally Speaking Support is.

Here’s my computer setup:

  • My current machine is running Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium on Windows 7 (64 bit).
  • My Dell computer is a Studio XPS 9100 with an Intel i7 CPU and 12 GB of RAM. (Definitely more powerful than what I was using last year.)
  • I use the Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth headset.

Here’s how I compared the different programs:

  • The rainbow passage sample that I used has 335 words in it.
  • I read the rainbow passage to my computer and included the “new paragraph” command, as well as punctuation marks (i.e. saying things like “comma” and “period”.)
  • Over a year ago, I found that Dragon Naturally Speaking made only 8 word errors with a brand-new user profile. (In other words, Dragon Naturally Speaking got 97.6% of the words correct straight out-of-the-box.)
  • I read the rainbow passage each time out loud (instead of using a MP3 recording), so there might be a few minor differences between reading. The programs are listed below in the order that I read to them.
  • I use Tortoise Merge to compare the different text documents. I had to remove the blank lines in all the documents in order for the software to compare the different transcriptions.

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Published by Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support recommends victimization this outstanding code primarily for three functions. In short, use it for voice dictation aimed toward speech-to-text conversion, execute spoken commands, and text-to-speech. It runs on Windows OS. However, another version spoken as Dragon for mackintosh is getable for mackintosh OS.

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